A Pretoria East woman who is facing trial for having sex with two dogs has confessed that she carried out the bizarre act to please her then-lover and now co-accused.


After pleading guilty to four counts of bestiality and one count of procurement of a child to produce pornography, Jana Smit, 32, said she was relieved she had been exposed as she did not know where it all would have ended if the manipulation by her co-accused, Morne Fourie, 38, had continued.

In a trial separated from that of her former lover, an IT specialist from Garsfontein, the Pretoria Regional Court heard on Monday that Fourie indoctrinated Smit during their two-year relationship through e-mails, photographs and sexual suggestions.

In an affidavit read by her lawyer, Carmelitha Smit-Brand, the court heard that Fourie was supporting her financially at the time of the incident and she would have done anything for him.

Smit stood impassively in the dock with her hands at her sides throughout the proceedings.

She was supported by her mother and a friend.

The court heard that one of Fourie’s requests included the filming of a seven-year-old child, known to Smit, while bathing.

Smit, who had been a victim of molestation, set up the recording equipment, but could not bring herself to make a video.

She indicated she had known her actions were wrong and that she would be punished if she were caught. Smit and Fourie were arrested in August after Smit used a friend’s computer to back up her cellphone’s contents.

The friend showed the contents to a mutual friend, who called an animal protection organisation.

It is alleged that the footage was of Smit having sex with a Staffordshire terrier and a Labrador. The footage was immediately taken to the Moot police station.

Smit was arrested hours later and Fourie the following day. They were each granted bail of R1,000.

Smit-Brand told the court her client had been negatively affected by the media attention the case had drawn, especially by comments on the websites of tabloid newspaper Sondag and News24. She indicated that Smit, who was unemployed and living with her parents, struggled to find a job and had to endure constant insults on a Facebook page created after the incident.

Smit-Brand argued that Smit had been punished enough and that a suspended sentence would suffice.

The court heard that Smit had received counselling from a pastor shortly after the incidents and she was seeing a psychologist.

Prosecutor Heinrich Scholtz said it was clear from the close to 80,000 e-mails the State had worked through in preparing for the case that Fourie had manipulated Smit. Scholtz indicated he agreed that Smit had been punished enough and said the State would not oppose a suspended sentence. The case resumes in two weeks.


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