Douglas Adam’s belief that, “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”, remains most succinct in political lexicon, particularly in the context of the fallacious misrepresentations by Chief Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs. Senator Akpabio recently published a letter he claimed was sent to Governor Udom Emmanuel, requesting a courtesy visit by the representative of President Muhammadu Buhari regarding the violent protests in various states of the country.

Though the importance of ignoring Senator Akpabio’s ‘new normal’ cannot be overemphasized owing to the fact that he thrives in controversies, Instability and confusion, there’s need to relieve ourselves of the burden of keeping quiet over a moral crisis, hence certain fundamental observations and questions.

First, throughout his eight years as Governor and Chief Executive of the state, when was it a norm for original copies of letters to be retrieved after being purportedly submitted? This implies that Senator Akpabio is engaging subterfuge aimed at creating a needless air of hostility between the Presidency and the Governor Emmanuel administration. This planned rancorous relationship between Governor Emmanuel and the President is to cement his selfish accentuating territoriality and false hegemony.

Secondly, granted that Senator Akpabio’s letter was actually submitted at the office of the Governor, how come the letter in its original form is being circulated? Why was the said letter not stamped with the seal of the Office of the Governor? This reinforces our first argument and the indubitable truism that Senator Akpabio lacks the character which is a cornerstone of contemporary leadership. By attempting to mislead the innocent public with falsified documents and ad hominem fallacies, Senator Akpabio has shot himself on the foot. In any case, what kind of peace can be expected from a politician whose recent attempt at igniting crises, via the infamous Warsaw saw war episodes, reminded Akwa Ibom people of that era of terror which left people traumatised until May 2015.

Finally, it begs to ask, what point Senator Akpabio is trying to prove by his fallacious antics , after invading the state and holding meetings on behalf of the president without courtesy on the Governor.
By this, he has gone against the directives of Mr. President that Ministers should meet and work with their respective state Governors for a lasting peace in the country.

We in the Mandate Eyes hereby advise Senator Akpabio to handle his “unresolved issues” with the Presidency and keep Governor Udom Emmanuel away from it.
He should redeem his battered integrity and reputation by coming out clean with the truth which always wears its shoes.

Mandate Eyes congratulates His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel for his timely intervention in the violence orchestrated by hoodlums that led to the vandalization of public and private facilities in the state. By restoring the peace which the state has been known for since 2015, Mandate Eyes pledges to support the Governor throughout his tenure and beyond.

We also advise youths to embrace this peace that has been institutionalized in the state, to give impetus to the industrialization and wealth creation agenda of Governor Emmanuel.


Comrade Joseph Okon

Comrade Ernest Akpan

Mandate Eyes


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