A 39-year-old man has divorced his legal wife for a sex doll he recently purchased, saying that women were just after his money and usually had diseases which made him prefer a doll.

Paellas Mohule, a car dealer in Gaborone, Botswana, bought a doll worth $2,600.00 (N935,251.80) from the United States.

A Ugblizz stated that Mohule claimed that women have failed to satisfy him in bed.

So after sleeping with it, he divorced the mother of four children claiming she was no match to the doll when it comes to bedroom matters.

However, he pledged to support his former wife and children provided she allowed him time to enjoy the doll in peace.

Modern S3x dolls have advanced features as they are designed with life-like private parts breasts and lips and their sounds mimick a real woman. Others are Dirty-talking s3x dolls with vibrating hot private parts.

Mohule says he is happy with his investment as the s3x dolls have no diseases, moods or periods and do not say no to his s3xual demands!


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