Young lovers have been arrested and charged to court for making very loud noise during lovemaking.

The lovers who were said to be between the ages of 24 and 31 years old were reported to the police after their love making became disruptive.

Findings revealed that the aggrieved neighbours who could not contain the loud noise reported the case to the police who swung into action and arrested the lovers while still in the act.

It was learnt that Mr Chacha Mwita, a businessman in his early twenties and his lover Ms Cynthia Mauhokha, a 31-year old menial labourer were recently charged to a Kenyan court for making so much noise during sexual intercourse, disturbing other members of the public.

The couples who gave in the said crime pleaded guilty to the two-count charge before the resident Magistrate, Maureen Odhiambo.

An eyewitness who craved anonymity said that Chacha and his lover were charged for making so much noise while having intercourse at popular Palms Guest House, causing so much discomfort to other occupants and the general public.

Both lovers confessed to the crime against them, but after the prosecutor, Adams Chelule read out all the information pertaining to the charges, their affirmation made the court reconsider its stance on the judgement.

The police had visited the lodge where the two were heard screaming in one of the rooms. They proceeded to the room and found Chacha and Cynthia in the act screaming.

The court ordered that they get their freedom after depositing a cash bail of Sh20, 000 or a bond of Sh50, 0000. The case will be mentioned on April 29 and heard on May 15, 2019.


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