Indigenes of Akwa Ibom state have continued to stamp their feet in support of Governor Udom Emmanuel‘s re-election bid, citing the enduring peace, security, food sufficiency and massive employment of youths brought about by the current administration in the state in the past three years as their reasons.

These were feelers from the citizens of the state who called in during a 30-minute interactive radio programme, FEEDBACK on AKBC Radio, sponsored by Dakkada Entrepreneurs and Ambassadors League (DEAL).

Reacting to the comments made by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Marketing and Brand Management, Mr. Sam Edoho, who featured as a guest on the programme, most of the callers commended the Governor for his superlative performance across the various sectors of the state, especially for ensuring that there is peace and security in the state as compared to the previous situation where indigenes of the state were greeted with kidnapping, killings, rape, and general violence across the state.

Earlier, the Governor’s aide had said
“With the establishment of 15 functional industries within its first term, the administration of Mr. Udom Emmanuel is ranked the most performing state government in Nigeria”.

Edoho also said that the Governor has rehabilitated, refurbished and equipped all secondary health institutions across the State and equipped them with state-of-the-art facilities to raise the healthcare system to world class standard.

He listed the newly refurbished health institutions to include the Etinan General Hospital, Ikono General Hospital, Ituk Mbang General Hospital, Ikot Okoro General Hospital as well as others undergoing renovations and rehabilitation such as the Eket and Oron General Hospitals.

Presenting a sector by sector scorecard of the present administration, he asserted that “the deliberate effort of a visionary government under Udom Emmanuel, who came prepared to govern and has systematically put things in their right places to deliver results, has ranked Akwa Ibom second with 87% performance in the result recently released by the National Examinations Council (NECO).

“In Sports, the State owned football team, Akwa United FC has won the Federation Cup twice in three years, which qualified the team to represent Nigeria at Continental level. This has never happened in the history of Akwa Ibom State until now.

“The Science and Technology sector is not left out as Akwa Ibom students of Northern Annang Commercial Secondary School (NASCO) recently represented Nigeria in Sweden at the 2018 Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition and emerged tops out of 42 other countries that participated in the competition. This is also part of the dividends of the sound education policy of the Governor Udom Emmanuel led administration in the public schools in the state.

“On road infrastructure, over 1700 kilometers of roads have been constructed across the state.

Like Governor Emmanuel often rightly says, if you cannot feed yourself, then you are not a nation or a state because you will be perpetually dependent. On assumption of office, he came with a blueprint of turning around the agricultural sector to ensure that there is food sufficiency in the state, not just in farming but also in the value chain of agriculture.

He first of all set up the technical committee on agriculture and food sufficiency to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture, and that has yielded outstanding results.

So much have been done in cassava planting and processing, moving the state from wholly dependent on imported garri, to a state that processes cassava and produces its own garri. Before now, two cups of garri was sold for N200, but currently 12 – 14 cups of garri sells for the same N200.

Where the federal government of Nigeria has failed and sees impossibility the Government of Akwa Ibom State under Udom Emmanuel has made things possible.

Beyond agriculture, look at the issue of pencil which the federal government planned to commence production in 2018 yet nothing has been done till date but the government of Udom Emmanuel started producing pencil and toothpick as early as 2016.

The federal government had attempted to set up an airline and failed even before the airline took off, and the project was cancelled. Mr. Udom Emmanuel, who is not a bragging governor, quietly set up an airline that is taking off in a matter of days.

The Governor has given out over N2 billion interest-free loan to traders in the state, as well as other human capacity development and youth empowerment programmes”.

Feedback is an interactive radio programme on entrepreneurship and community development aired on AKBC Radio 95.5 FM, produced by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Marketing and Brand Management, Mr. Sam Edoho.


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