The series of attacks and blackmails metted on the Special Assistant to the Governor on Project Monitoring, Mr Raphael Anwanakak, by some disgruntled hate filled elements especially Etim Uya would have been thrown to the waste side but for sake of the masses that may consider this fermented lies and hate load-post as being factual, it is necessary to put the record straight.

Mr. Anwanakak is Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emanuel on Project Monitoring and has remained a strong supporter of the Udom Administration and a die-hard defender of the Udom’s mandate.

As Governor’s aide on project monitoring, he is committed to his job. He goes round project sites in the State to ensure the project are done in line with the specifications and on record time. To say that he sponsored gang-ups and attacks on the governor and Okobo elders is a way of tarnishing the highly revered reputation of this gentleman.

We stand to warn Etim Uya or whatever you call himself and his sponsors to desist from every act, making statement capable of tarnishing the hard earned reputation of this respected gentleman. He must use cover of politics to insult and cast aspersions Mr. Raphael Anwanakak who has carved an enviable space for himself at the political circle.

We warn Etim Uya and his sponsors to realized that there is politic direction in Okobo and Okobo people will decide who they wants, there is no amount of propaganda or sentiment that will change that. You should try and engaged yourself in meaningful ventures than trading in mudslinging and becoming a cheap tool in the hand of expired politicians.

A repeat of this heap of insults in our son and brother, Mr. Anwanakak will force us to take necessary legal actions to defend the right and salvage public reputation of this revered son of Okobo Local Government.

Etim Uya and sponsors, enough is enough!

Barr. N. Inwang
President League of Oro Professionals


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