As the forthcoming Local Government election in Akwa Ibom draws nearer, the people of Esit Eket have been critically and objectively appraising the impact of government in the years past, comparing it with the existing value creation, youth empowerment/human Capacity development and gender equality under the Hon. Iniobong Robson-led administration.

About 95% of entire Esit Eket indigenes are calling for the re-election of Hon. Robson, an indication that he is generally accepted as a leader with commitment to improve on socio-cultural and economic condition of the Local Government and her citizenry.

The time has come for those threatening the peaceful coexistence and unity of Esit Eket through baseless sponsored blackmails and agitation to align with believers of good governance and support the re-election of the incumbent Chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson.

Irrespective of political, social affinity, cultural background and beliefs, one with clear vision, mission and value for best result is Mr. ROBSON who has significantly translated his vision and mission for the betterment of Esit Eket and has focused more on community development and youth empowerment.

Therefore, the agitation by few individuals whose electoral strength cannot do otherwise, crying for adoption of certain acclaimed signed document/agreement as a binding criteria to decide which zone should produce the next Chairman of Esit Eket out of the three zones of (A,B,C) does not represent equity and fairness for practical political balancing in a democratic setting like ours.

Unarguably, the second coming of INIOBONG ROBSON will encourage and promote positive impact without allowing self interest to override the process. Having appraised the political terrain, arguments and armouries engaged by various camps in respect to 2020-2923 chairmanship zoning, I wish to remind the people that a united Esit Eket can only be attained when the youths rise and regain their conscience and integrity.

Truth, they say, is always bitter, but the obvious truth in this context which is glaring to all is that, the most preferred and divinely favoured aspirant (Iniobong Robson) would surely emerge victorious amidst the storm. Most interesting is his unquantifiable passion for quality leadership, generosity and service to humanity that this emerging leader possesses and this have greatly revealed his readiness and desire for remarkable footprint which is worth sustaining by giving him the mandate to continue till 2023.

To all the would be electorates, stakeholders and canvassers, whatsoever your interest may be, painting our LGA to the world on the negative should be discouraged and we must admit that the best for our LGA is to elect a capable leader who will fiercely initiate, create and facilitate development to further compliment on the completion agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel.


Comrade Jerryz Edoho, writes from Idua Ntak-Inyang, Esit Eket LGA.


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