The boosting of Air transportation by Governor Udom Emmanuel with the purchase of three new aircrafts, “Ibom Air” for flights through Ibom International Airport is geared at enhancing investment and income to Akwa Ibom State.

Speaking on a Live Inspiration Radio 105.9FM programme, Akwa Ibom Rising, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Sir Charles Udoh said,
the Ibom aircrafts will enhance inflow in and out of the State as people from neighbouring States will find easy access to fly into the State. “By so doing, they’ll contribute to the State’s income”, he emphasized.

On the ownership status of Ibom Airlines, the Information Boss explained that, Ibom Air is another Public Private Partnership arrangement of government in its investment drive for the state, maintaining that, government does not have competencies in running businesses in such areas like aviation, agriculture, technology etc but in corporate governance and managing systems, reiterating that, it was based on this premise, that government partners with capable investors to achieve its goals and objectives.

Assessing the performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel in 2018, Charles Udoh said, the Governor made record breaking strides with the putting in place of 15 functional industries in the state within the year and consolidating on good governance for the people with the provision of standard healthcare facilities, free education policy and other massive people-oriented programmes for the state.

“The Government is still paying WAEC fees for indigenes and providing free medicare for some categories of people in the state.  While workers in other states were still groaning over unpaid salaries and entitlements, workers in Akwa Ibom State received their monthly salaries completely, plus Christmas bonus. That also shows the integrity of this government. Governor Udom Emmanuel is not on a course for applause but committed to delivering on good governance”, Udoh said.

“If there were any better word than Fantastic, I would have used it to describe the level of performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel in 2018, the Governor did creditably well in the past year and the people of Akwa Ibom state are not gullible, so they know and appreciate the good works he has done for the people and are standing by the Governor and supporting his re-election for a second term” the Information Boss added.

The Commissioner reiterated that, 2018 was also the year Akwa Ibom State was liberated from the bondage of being pocket by one man to take up its destiny to fight for its integrity and future of her generation from being mortgaged to outsiders by selfish politicians.

“I want to allay the fears of the people that, despite the manipulation and antics of the opposition to ensure there is upheaval and turmoil in the land, this government is committed to maintaining peace and tranquility in the State. All those intimidating words are from people who clearly know they have no chance except through violence. Akwa Ibom people won’t allow themselves to be pocketed by one man who wants to play god. When Udom returns as re-elected Governor, only God will take credit and no man”, Udoh concluded.



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