Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, upon assumption of office in 2015, assured that his government would continue to partner with private concerns to bring tangible developments to Akwa Ibom.

Speaking shortly before the commissioning of the Metering Solution Manufacturing Service Company in Onna, Governor Emmanuel said the company will boost economic activities in the state.

He said the factory produces digital smart meters which functions at a per as you go basis just like the cellular phones.

The governor was of the opinion that the challenges posed by an indiscriminate billing regime will now be history as consumers can now easily acquire the digital smart meters and have control on the power the consume, and the amount they pay will actually be for the energy they have consumed.

Governor Emmanuel said the “whole idea is to move towards power for all,” explaining that with the move consumers would just key in codes and have power in their homes.

The state governor Mr. Udom Emmanuel in his comment said the state is looking at providing power to all where it would have access and control of power.

He suggested that the Vice President as the head of the country’s economic team should move to have the company establish the factory in other major cities in the country to double its production output and impact more on the power sector of the country.

The Governor further hinted that his administration was investing much in the power sector to curb the menace of poor electricity power in the state, maintaining that most parts of the states can now boast of 20 – 22 hours of power supply each day.

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo while inaugurating the plant, described the project as excellent innovation which would help to address the myriad of power supply issues in the country.

The vice president noted that the electricity distribution companies cannot collect electricity tariff efficiently from consumers because they are unable to afford cost of metering.

He said with the coming on board of the metering assembly plant in Akwa Ibom access to power by consumers would be made easy, adding that the project in in line with the federal government policy on improve power supply in the country.

“The federal government has developed a policy around metering; this is the first place we are going to have independent metering company,” adding that anyone can easily acquire the license to buy the meters in bulk and distribute to a batch of consumers.

Prof Osinbajo lauded the state government for generating over 153 megawatz of power, saying the gesture would also assist other states in need of power supply and added that the federal Government is looking forward to several others factories in the country for the development of the nation’s economy.

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