By Pat Reuben

“You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others, let people get inspired on how you deal with your imperfection”

If all the living days of our lives were fully graced as we craft, design, dream and plan to be, then most of us will assume the status of clergies and prophets. Nature sure is a wonder and her creation is often shaped in the mould of who, what and how you wish to be. Many have chosen the right path, some dwell on evil course, others are embedded in the good, bad and the ugly and few have distanced themselves to blend with positivity and credence. Life is a choice all the way and each of us is left with a desire to forge ahead the way it suits.

Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke, Speaker, AKHA (3rd left), Mr. Pat Reuben, PA to Governor Udom on Media (2nd left) in a group photograph with Government House Press Centre bloggers
Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke, Speaker, AKHA (3rd left), Mr. Pat Reuben, PA to Governor Udom on Media (2nd left) in a group photograph with Government House Press Centre bloggers

It all went well on Friday, 4th March, 2016 when the people’s Speaker sauntered into the Akwa Ibom State Government Press Centre in his usual meet the people unscheduled stopover visit. At about 2pm as I made my way towards the office entrance and a reflection of a convoy behind me through the glass door summoned my attention. I pondered and stopped seemingly inquisitive, “who is coming for lunch”? He stepped out of the convoy and behold Mr. Speaker. “I was just passing by and I decided to breeze in here to say hello, how about the Chief Press Secretary? Where is everybody? I must confess this is my first opportunity of being here since the construction of this place. I am overwhelmed by the siren ambience and furnishings in here. Little wonder you guys are doing marvellously well.” He teased.

From one office and knocks on doors, through pedestrian corridors and walk ways, Mr. Speaker glanced through everywhere and in his usual humane, down to earth, friendly and socially-mixed nature threw quantum of banters with accompanying comic relief. His presence ignited the working spirit and atmosphere of the Press Centre.

12804425_1735586749988295_158363133_nRt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke has through his human-driven disposition demonstrate his desire to simplify the act of governance and leadership, always ready to integrate with the roots and involve the people on a one-on-one situation.

His lifestyle and approach to governance is a concrete manifestation of a stimulant and catalyst in speeding up the positive reaction of people especially those who desire to follow him with passion.

This thorough bred Nsit Ubium son and member representing Nsit Ubium State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly is building his political castle with the foundation and support of the people whose mandate, he knows, was cultivated and harvested through their effort. Onofiok in different fora, has continued to drum support for the integration of all Akwa Ibom people as government sets out to provide the much needed capacity empowerment for sustainable growth. A rare gem and a breed apart – his ascension into the exalted position of Speaker came as a massive endorsement by all and sundry. It was a choice that even critics and opposition went in wild jubilation owing to the fact that he represents a cross section of all, no matter where you belong.

The visit, Mr. Speaker, will remain evergreen in our minds, but just one thing. You missed the hot seat and the media banter but not to worry. The second legislative journey and subsequent visits will be totally garnished and all inclusive.

Believing the needful will be done!


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