A front line group the Mandate Eyes has slammed Sen. Ita Enang over what it called “vitriolic campaigns against Governor Udom Emmanuel particularly on the NBS questionable unemployment rating of Akwa Ibom and on good governance, among other matters”.

In a Press Statement dated August 27th and signed by the Coordinator Comrade Ernest Akpan and Secretary Comrade Joseph Okon the group noted that it would have ignored his claims if Enang had “divorced Governor Udom Emmanuel from his established stock -in -trade.

“Hence, our response is predicated on the integrity of Governor Udom Emmanuel and the sanctity of of the institution he represents.

“Also, certain records need to be put in the right perspectives for the sake of the vulnerable who may swallow Ita Enang’s venomous outburst hook line and sinker.”

The group further stated that Akwa Ibom people will reject Enang’s 2023 Governorship ambition “He should as well open his eyes to the reality that in Akwa Ibom the season of mindless politics had long been buried in 2019.

“And his allies can as well advise him that, if all these attacks are possibly because of his alleged 2023 Governorship ambition, he should better be informed that Akwa Ibom people will pay less attention to an aspirant whose only achievement is the height of insults he hurled on their Governor”.

The press statement further explained that “Senator Ita Enang’s realities speak a volume about his equivocality. He says what he actually doesn’t mean!

“The youths of Akwa are not oblivious of the fact that they collectively voted for Governor Udom Emmanuel in the March 2019 gubernatorial polls based on his track record of performance, which he has sustained till date.

“It is therefore foolhardy for Chief Enang to contemplate inciting the youths against the Governor, thereby instigating a state of anarchy and anomie in the state.

“Secondly, granted that Ita Enang understands the full import of Good Governance, then there exist a disconnect between him and the realities in the state.

“If good governance means the effective process of providing leadership, with the capacity for efficient service delivery to the citizenry, then Governor Udom Emmanuel has exceeded the threshold.

“By respecting the rule of law; safeguarding of human rights in the state ; investing honesty and efficiency in government; showing transparency, accountability; and openness, attest to the fact that Akwa Ibom is a good governance model in Nigeria.”

It further went on to note, “it’s astonishing that this former Senator has chosen to be blind to the inability of his federal government which has failed to fulfill its election promises such as the rehabilitation of the dilapidated Calabar- Itu Highway among others. The apogee of this mindlessness was the recent blame-shifting antics of Its Enang that, “Akwa Ibom and Cross River State governments should source for funds for the rehabilitationof the failed road.”

“Thirdly, it’s a lamentable irony for Ita Enang to reinforce the NBS contradictory report on unemployment in the state.

“Despite the unverifiability of the controversial report which is lacking in empirical quantitative and qualitative research, it begs to ask Senator Ita Enang what he, as an indigene and beneficiary of the benevolence of Akwa Ibom people, has done for the state in this regard.

“As a lawyer, can Ita point to two Akwa Ibom sons/daughters in the employ of his law chambers? Or does politics look to Ita a permanent profession?”

The group concluded by saying that “We in the Mandate Eyes hereby advise Senator Ita Enang to henceforth desist from throwing tantrums at the Governor of Akwa Ibom State whose investments in quality leadership has transformed the state into an enviable investment hub in Nigeria.

“Ita Enang as SSA to the President in Niger Delta Affairs should direct his efforts to attracting the presence of the federal government into Akwa Ibom State.

“He should, as an indigene of the state contribute to creating jobs for the unemployed in the state, as job creation is the collective role of everyone.

“Until he does this, the former three term House of Representatives member may remain a “scalar quantity” in the socio- economic and political architecture of Akwa Ibom State.

“For a start, he could take a cue from what Chief Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa state was able to do recently in this state, with the oil and gas base as well as a petroleum depot now in view.”


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