Governor Udom Emmanuel’s assertive approach to the sustainable healthcare delivery system has led to construction, reconstruction, remodeling and re-equipping of secondary health care facilities in the state, the greatest by any administration, currently in Nigeria.

Currently affected by this initiative is the historical Immanuel General Hospital in Eket local government area.

From the gate, the newly paved surroundings, the more imposing edifice, the modern facilities and general change in outlook, indeed Akwa Ibom could not have wished for a better Governor in a time like this.

As transformation according to the State Information Commissioner, Sir Charles Udoh, is another icing to the huge investments sunk in to rebranding the healthcare sector in the state, by Governor Emmanuel.

Sir Udoh who led other media management team members of the government on a tour of the facility, said the Governor is committed to providing state-of-the-art medical facilities to meet the health needs of the people in order to keep them alive to benefit from his lofty goals for the state.

“You can see that Governor Udom Emmanuel is gearing at building a strong, healthy and vibrant populace with the huge investment sunk into the upgrading and remodeling of Immanuel General Hospital, Eket.”

According to Sir Udoh, “the Governor has not only procured world class equipment for Immanuel General Hospital but has also provided the hospital with a conducive working environment by giving it a face-lift, with modern furniture and fixtures, including modern seats in the reception and Out-Patients Department, OPD.

Conducting the Information Boss, Sir Charles Udoh and his team round the facility, the Hospital Secretary, Mrs. Esther Jack as well as the Chief Nursing Officer, CNO and Matron on duty, Mrs. Grace Vasco Joe, said, the 218-bed capacity hospital has 7 remodeled wards for the male, female and Children, each with 30-bed space and a pre-Nursery Unit with 8-bed capacity.

Also seen were the new theater, the X-ray and Morbid laboratories, the drug store and Pharmacy as well as the Accident and Emergency, A&E, units.

According to the Hospital records, Immanuel General Hospital is now a very busy hospital with daily uptake of patients of 100 and above.

With the new equipment, the numbers pose no problem for the health personnel, numbering about 30 Doctors and 99 nurses, who are now able to contain the numerous patients that throng the hospital for different health challenges and medical needs.

Among the state-of-the-art equipment procured for the hospital include, motorized beds, X-ray machines and Scanners, assorted laboratory facilities and the blood bank.

Two of the patients, Ete Sunday Udo Obot from Onna and Ngozi Akpan, from Okon Eket, expressed appreciation to Governor Udom Emmanuel for giving the hospital a face-lift and providing comfortable seats for the patients which they said has reduced the pains of patients and serve as soothing balm.


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