There seem to be no end in sight on the irrationality of Akpabio’s media hirelings who take delight at lashing inadvertently on the present administration for no just cause. The low-thinking gullible-minded writers who do just as they are told for their stomach’s sake without having a rethink or flashback at history thus, become idle tools of hatred and jealousy in the devil’s workshop.

So, rather than educating people on Akpabio’s activities as a Minister, his achievements and proposals, they prefer to compare their demi god with Governor Emmanuel.

What beats one’s imagination in this whole contrast is the unknown purpose behind the show. Is Akpabio contesting an election as Governor again? Does he want to return to the Hilltop Mansion? Why then the envy? Why is he instituting this media war with his successor? Or does he want to force open his fraudulent activities and funds diversion records?

Akpabio and his media pupils should not push the sleeping Lions to roar back in anger with logs of folders and files of his shameful and uncouth misappropriation gleaned from his 8-year reign as Governor.

Or how do you explain giving approval for the release of N72 billion naira for the construction of only 3km of the 25km Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road? How do you explain fully releasing over N150 billion for the uncompleted Tropicana? How do you explain the release of N19.5 billion for the uncompleted Etebi-Enwang road that was originally valued at N5 billion naira? How do you explain the release of billions of naira meant for the construction of the 8-lane Goodluck Jonathan Boulevard on papers whereas in reality the road is 4-lane?

Should one mention the N42 billion paid for Ibom Specialty Hospital he left uncompleted or the N25 billion fully paid yet uncompleted Four Point by Sheraton?

What about the uncompleted Airport project? What happened to the N18 billion terminal building? Is the International soccer pitch (stadium) worth the reported $360 million dollars it allegedly gulped? Of what use today is the E-library to the common Akwa Ibomite? And out of the over 3trillion naira that accrued to the state in Akpbio’s terrain, how much investment dividends do the state derive today?

Is it not true that Akpabio left the state with huge debt, uncompleted white elephant projects and over N30 billion pension arrears despite huge revenue?
If 10% of what the previous government spent in collecting awards from all northern Emirates, Nigerian Universities and all groups that had awards to sell; the newspaper advertorials that heralded those awards and birthdays; if the money spent on the ill-fated Tropicana and the monies looted on the Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road, Goodluck Jonathan Boulevard, Etebi-Ewang road, Use-Ikot Amama road, the International stadium, permanent terminal building at the airport etc when the price of crude oil was over $100 a barrel and a dollar was exchanging for between 197 to 200 naira, were ploughed into revitalizing education and health care with all the amenities, will the present government be labouring to reconstruct 7 General Hospitals with modern health care equipment or building school blocks?

The volume of money announced and unannounced which the past government gulped, if had been used judiciously would have no doubt-built castles in the air.
The then Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had in 2013 given the federal government allocation to Akwa Ibom State as $1.7 billion (N260 billion), adding that the state ranked among the top ten highest recipients of the federal allocations. But in 2018, the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) review showed that Akwa Ibom State received N143.6 billion which is even lesser now, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between an administration which promised 31 industries in 31 Local Government Area with full monetary allocation collected without delivering a single one and the one which promised to industrialize the state, and has done so with its impact reaching the citizenry at a time as this, which has the interest of the people at heart more?

Is it not true that the Rice Mill, Fertilizer blending plant, Metering Company, Kings Flour Mill, Jubilee Syringe Factory and other industries which have given jobs to the unemployed Akwa Ibom youths are visible for confirmation? Was Akpabio not present at the commissioning of these industries and did he not testify of their productiveness, standard and credibility? What then is the basis of this comparison?

In the face of these distractions, Governor Emmanuel who has remained undaunted has kept his focus on bettering the value of the people’s lives and by extension, the state’s economy which is even evidenced in 7th position we now occupy among those with high IGR nationwide.

Small scale enterprises are thriving better than has ever happened courtesy of the push given by Governor Emmanuel to promote self-sufficiency and reduce total reliance on white-collar jobs, and these SMEs have subsequently become employers of labour.

Investors today are lining up for the state because of the trust for the name, Udom Emmanuel. The number of industries presently operational in the state and those upcoming are testaments of the peace and friendly ambience provided by the present government.

Can Akwa Ibom not tell how much of killing, maiming and kidnapping we experienced during the last administration? Five years after coming on board, we can boast of safety of lives and properties, peace, more investments, accommodation of the opposition party players, zero intimidation, zero kidnapping spree and zero countless killings which characterized the previous administration so much that people can now sleep with their two eyes closed. Even those who fled the state are returning to attest to this.

Has Gov. Emmanuel not fulfilled his campaign promises? Yes, he has. No one is unaware of the fact that the Governor met with recession almost immediately he took over the reins of power. Then came the distractions of Tribunal court cases yet, from his first term 5-point agenda to his 8-point agenda which he is undertaking currently, the State leader has performed with results to show for it.

Why is Akpabio then trying to ridicule the hard-earned reputation and effort of this administration for no just cause? What does he really want?

It is noteworthy that Governor Udom Emmanuel is not seeking applause in his development-drive for the people, neither is he in competition with anybody but is on a serious committed and calculated process of transformation. As such, cannot be distracted by criticisms which lack merit.
Because he believes that government is a continuum, all of Akpabio’s uncompleted projects have been captured by Gov. Udom, unlike Akpabio who abandoned Attah’s former projects. Unfinished roads and structures as well as the free education and health policies have all been sustained.

Akpabio and his urchins should stay away from opening an unwarranted gap of abuse and attack on the present government who is no match for their deflated ego.

Governor Emmanuel, unlike Akpabio came into government already-made with a myriad of investments and luxuries, and doesn’t need to enrich himself with funds meant for the communal good of the state to feel on top of the world.

As a matter of fact, the best time to compare who did better is not now but after the expiration of the present government’s tenure. Comparison is confirmed when two objects of equal weights are weighed on a balance hence, comparing an 8-year-old government with a 5-year-old one is totally unreasonable.

They should rather wait till 2023, after the expiration of Governor Emmanuel’s tenure before bringing out their scale of comparison.

Then will they be able to tell who served better and, while they wait, they should channel their energy and resources into encouraging Governor Emmanuel, and desist from Ph.D (Pull him Down) fever.


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