Since after yesterday’s media chat by Governor Udom Emmanuel on COVID-19 where he revealed how he inherited N30 billion debt for Pensions and Gratuity from his predecessors, I’ve been weeping without comfort.

I have asked myself many questions which till this moment, answers can’t be given.

In an era where there was abundance of resources in the Akwa Ibom State. The State as at then received so much funds from the Federal Government as monthly allocation to the state between N30bn to N46bn if not more than. There were excess crude oil returns to the state in billions of Naira, but that’s the same era and administration where the state owed pensions and gratuities up to the tone of 30billion Naira?

At this point, one would be forced to know what the resources were used for that Akpabio still had to owe pensions and gratuities.

Recall that the administration of Obong Victor Attah fought gallantly for the common wealth of the Niger Delta Region which caused him a face off with the then President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo. But Attah never enjoyed the fruit of the fight, as he handed over to Godswill Akpabio who became the beneficiary of his sweat.

I was fooled to believe that all the showmanship done by Akpabio was real until he left the scene of Governance. It’s pathetic that till date, some people are still fooled that they cannot differentiate between uncommon transformation from uncommon thievery. This calls for sober.

How and why would Godswill Akpabio owe retirees in the state N30billion in the midst of plenty of resources that were endowed on the State as at then?

It’s only a wicked person who could do this. I’m forced to say that Akpabio is not only wicked, he lacks human empathy on the people (workers) who worked hard for the state.

What did Akpabio really achieve in his 8years of uncommon wastage as Governor of Akwa Ibom State?

Apart from few road constructions that he did, which they all underwent financial variation, what did Akpabio really do with all the money endowed on the State?

Recall that President Goodluck Jonathan was invited to the foundation laying of Quantum Petrochemical Complex at Ibeno by Akpabio and I ask, what is the fate of that project today?

The underground Pipe Jacking System done by Akpabio to tackle the issue of flooding in Uyo failed woefully but the contract was executed and commissioned by the then Vice President of Nigeria Arch Namadi Sambo.

I am pained each time I discovers that Sen. Akpabio fooled us in this state to believe that he had good intentions for the development of the state, but little did we know that he was laying a conduit pipe for syphoning the common wealth of Akwa Ibom State into his personal pocket.

Where are the 31 industries Akpabio promised to build in each of the Local Government Area of the state? Where is the money? I mean where are the billions approved by the AKHA?

Akpabio ventured into the Ibom Tropicana project. The project before its execution was believed to be talk of town when it’s completed. Funds were released for the project but at last, Akpabio did not use 20% of the funds for same project. The highly rumored Ibom Tropicana was made to become a rat hole where attraction is far from. Nothing was done to have made the place an international relaxation center the way we were told.

Another project is the E-library. Is there any outstanding difference between the so called E-library and Cyber Cafe? To me, Cyber Cafe is far more preferable than the so called E-library because there, there’s constant free WiFi. Did Akpabio make any provision for the place to meet and international standard? It’s appalling that Akpabio used the State as a collateral for self aggrandizement.

If Akpabio had an iota of human sympathy on us, Akwa Ibomites, wouldn’t he have at least cleared half of the pensions and gratuities owed the retirees? Why leave such a huge financial burden on his successor where he never kept any reserve for such to be paid?

It is painful to note that since Akpabio his defection to his new found party where his improprieties have been pushed aside, he has constantly incited workers and retirees against Governor Udom Emmanuel who is even doing his best to clear the backlogs of the huge financial burden He Akpabio left behind.


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