Uninterrupted power supply is as essential as life itself. Adequate electricity supply stimulates economic activities in any society because virtually every economic growth is tied to it.

Today, life without electricity is almost impossible. Life has become so modern and so mechanical that even for all small things in daily life, we need electricity. The television, radio, heater and all our demostic appliances are running only by electric power. Not just these, electricity is used in various areas of human activities such as Economic activities.

Many economic activities of human revolves around the use of electricity. For example, in the food processing and packaging sector, most of the machenaries are powered by electricity. Computers that have become essential tool of business transactions run on electricity. Perishable goods are preserved by being refrigerated through electricity powered refrigirators.

Having understood all of these and the significance of effective power supply in the stability of an economy, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, upon his assumption of office on May 20th, 2019 declared a state of emergency on the State’s power sector.

Before now, the State had witnessed a low power supply and in about 75% communities, there was entirely a zero power supply overtime. In these areas, experiencing a 30 minutes power supply in every six months was like the coming of the son of God, Jesus Christ. This had gone a long way in crippling the chances of industries being cited in these areas, and in other way round, had negative pacrs on the economy of the areas.

Having known that electricity plays important role from production to distribution of goods as well as in social activities, the State Governor moved in, consolidating his industrialization strides with revamping of the electricity in the State. This he has achieved by building mega sub-stations across the State.

One of these power sub-stations constructed by the Governor is the Power Sub-station at the Victor Attah International Airport. This is part of the governor’s efforts towards improving power supply at the airport and its environs. It is the first time the airport has been connected to national grid since it commenced flight operations in September 2009. Today, parts of Nsit Atai, Uruan and Okobo are enjoying the steady power supply from this particular sub-station.

The construction of the 2x60MVA, 132/33KV Power Sub-station at Ekim, Mkpat Enin is one of the most sophisticated power substations in Nigeria and supplies electricity to five Local Government Areas in the state.

With this alongside the good road network and tight security that the Governor has put in place in the state, one would not be found wanting on the reason why not fewer than 20 functional industries are currently operating in the State.

In addition, small scale firms which were gradually going into extinction due to poor or unavailability of power supply overtime, have been revived through steady power supply.

Again, the construction of the Etoi and 1x60MVA,132/33KV Afaha Ube Transmission sub-stations in Uyo Local Government Area alongside other sub-stations would not only provide light for these areas, but also to their neighbouring communities. With these the “POWER SUPPLY FOR ALL BY 2021” initiative of the Governor is possible. What this means is that even when the State is currently having challenges of not being allowed to own her Power Distribution Company which would utilize the full potentials of the State owned Power Plant thereby making 24/7 power supply across homes, the governor is devising means to actualise this dream before the end of 2021.

When Mr. Udom Emmanuel stated that he was going to revamp the State’s economy to be better than that of Lagos State in the near days, he meant it. One of the ways this dream could be achieved is through effective power supply.

Umani Uwemedimo writes from Uyo.


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