Wale Adenuga, in one of the advertorial pay offs of his popular sitcoms, Papa Ajasco and Company, notes: “We are but pencils in the hand of the Creator”, referring to the vivacity of human imagination which by inference comes from God.

Governor Udom Emmanuel amidst raging twist during the burial of his father, late Pa Gabriel Emmanuel Nkanang, steeled himself as a man of immutable FAITH and weathered the oddity that interjected the funeral planning like Abraham who earned a renown for his faith in God and is easily referred to as the Father of Faith.

Governor Emmanuel proved that his faith in God is inviolable. He lauded Bishop Bernard Ogyiri Asare and Aniekpeno Mkpanang lavishly for the roles they played, especially in those anxious moments. Aniekpeno Mkpanang, according to Governor Emmanuel, is a genius, “He is a genius, he is a genius”, the Governor reiterated.

The exhilaration is that Governor Emmanuel in the middle of a seeming numbing fear, held unto his God and recognized talents. These are leadership attributes that would continue to enhance and carve a niche for him among the pantheon of great leaders.

Congratulations to the First Family, the Nkanang family and the Central Planning Committee for midwifing a momentous exit for late Pa (Elder) Gabriel Nkanang with the backdrop of great faith.



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