Following a recently leaked petition he authored, several Akwa Ibomites have slammed hard knocks on Senator Ita Solomon Enang, Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Niger Delta Affairs, describing him as a confused enemy of progress.

Senator Enang has been described as a man “habitually taking up the gauntlet against his own people under the guise of fighting Governor Udom Emmanuel.”

Enang’s leaked petition dated December 5, 2019, and addressed to the federal minister of Works, sought the federal government authority to halt some major intervention projects in the state by Governor Emmanuel.

Among other reasons, he wanted the federal government to compel the state government to channel its funds to the reconstruction and dualization of the Calabar – Itu – Ikot Ekpene Highway instead of expanding some other roads in the state.

Reacting to this, a non governmental research and advocacy group in Akwa Ibom, “The Mandate Eyes” described the action as treacherous ploy by a self centred man, who seeks to sink his own state, and frustrate his people for selfish gains”.

Speaking through its Coordinator, Comrade Ernest Akpan and Secretary Joseph Okon, said by this action, Senator Enang has finally proven to be an enemy of development in Akwa Ibom which is very sad given the fact that Akwa Ibom made Enang who he is today.

The MANDATE EYES maintained that over the years, Ita Enang has constituted himself into a cog in the development wheel of the state, through frivolous petitions embedded with lies to federal government agencies which led to either cancellation or stalling of some development projects in the state.

Comrade Akpan specifically mentioned Ibom deep seaport project as one of the projects that Senator Enang has petitioned and beyond the petition has gone further to lie and truncate every effort made by Governor Udom Emmanuel in bring the project to fruition. He added that the petition to federal government to stop the Oron road expansion project from airport road was in line with Ita Enang’s avowed commitment that he will not allow the present government to complete the deep seaport project.

Akpan recalled that Ita Enang played the same devilish and unpatriotic role when he wrote to National Civil Aviation Authority,  NCAA, requesting the denial of necessary certifications to Ibom Air, which at the time led to delay in the commencement of full commercial flight operation by the airline.

He said that Senator Ita Enang should be ashamed of himself that after a wasteful four years in the presidency, he couldn’t attract a single project to Akwa Ibom State, yet he will constitute himself a stumbling block to the developmental vision of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

“We call on Enang to bury his head in shame that four years after his senseless lies that President Buhari will construct Calabar – Itu – Ikot Ekpene Highway with a spur to Ididep, the road has finally been abandoned without any hope that it will be constructed.

“Instead of apologizing to the people of Akwa Ibom State for colluding with the APC led federal government to deceive them, Ita Enang is trying to fraudulently shift the blame to the state government on a road he claimed was awarded by federal government and contractors mobilized to site.”

The group challenged Senator Enang to show any document that suggest that Oron road is a federal road that warrant such ungodly petition to stall development which the government embarked on expansion based on the envisaged traffic that will come upon the road when the deep seaport project is completed.

The group wondered why Ita Enang and his cohorts who should be supporting the actualization of the Ibom deep seaport project and other investments being brought to the state by the Udom Emmanuel administration, are rather taking time to use their power and influence to stall them.

“Today Ita Enang shamelessly uses the same Ibom Air that he and his co-travellers sought to destroy in 2019, without thinking of the law of Karma, and makes use of the same projects his petitions could not stop in the past.”

We advise Ita and all those behind these meaningless attacks, to know that Akwa Ibom people are judiciously noting all their inaction, which have been inimical to the growth of the state.

“If only the presidential aide and others at the center, channel their energies to agitate against the poor attention given the state by their Federal Government,  at least one road would have been executed in Akwa Ibom by the federal government in the last four years,” he concluded.


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