Time was when Etinan was a thoroughfare for projects and facilities being conveyed elsewhere.

The story has today changed. Sitting boldly at the centre of the ancient town is a modern roundabout and recreation park project, handled by construction giants, Julius Berger. The roundabout is also the anchor point of three major roads which are ongoing: the 29.5km dualised Etinan – Ndon Eyo Road, the 20km Uyo- Etinan dualised road, as well as the 23.4km Eket- Etinan dualization.

The roundabout is a masterpiece and elicits so much excitement from the residents, commuters and visitors, coming 27 years since the idea of a roundabout was mooted by the then administration of Obong Akpan Isemin in 1993. Alas, Etinan is no longer what was usually described as ‘usung mme idiok owo'(Avenue of the ungodly).

Also in Etinan, the Construction of a single lane 10.8km road project to connect Nkana in Etinan local government area with Onna local government area has reached advanced stage. The road project opens up some of the rural communities of Southern Iman and Awa Iman to spur up economic activities and shore up their investment profile.

Already the Ibom Integrated Farms and other Agric ventures which are private sector driven, located in that axis of the state can heave a sigh of relief.
The project is handled by VKS Nig. Construction Ltd.

As is the common denominator of the Udom Emmanuel projects, the road comes with side drains on either sides and is constructed to best Global standards.


(C) Essien Ndueso


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