By Edet Edet | 

The Eket Federal Constituency member-elect, Hon. Pat Ifon, has promised to support any legislation that will encourage Governor Udom Emmanuel to establish Oil Mineral Producing Community Development Commission that will see to the development of the core oil producing communities in Akwa Ibom State.

He made this known during the victory tournament organized by the Chairman, ONNA Local Government council, Hon. Imoh Attat, held over the weekend at the Akpabio Udo Ukpa Sports Stadium in ONNA LGA, in celebration of the successful reelection of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel for second term.

Ifon stated that the state enjoys the 13% derivation principle as an oil producing state, receiving the highest amount of money from the federal allocation.

He emphasized that the swelling of the state’s economy is achievable because some local governments in the state have exploited mineral deposits, of which an infinitesimal proportion is used in the core oil producing communities unlike it is used in other local governments.

“I remember that for now we enjoy 13% derivation principle as an oil producing state, which has translated to the state receiving the highest amount of money from federal allocation.

“Now, if you look at the local government that constitutes the core areas of mineral exploitation, you will see that in terms of development of Uyo and other local governments, an infinitesimal proportion of that money is used in developing the core oil producing communities unlike every other local governments.”

The Federal House member-elect made case for a stipulated statute that should see the owners of the mineral resources having money by virtue of the derivatives to develop their region in order to commensurate their contribution, just like 13% is accrued to the state courtesy of their contribution to the country.

Ifon stressed that the agitation for the commission by his people is not in any way wrong, and promised to promote legislation to that effect.

Speaking on the vision of his representation, Ifon said his representation will be anchored on the people, so his legislation can have a reflection of the people’s wishes.

While envisaging making bills that will encourage sustainable development, Ifon stated that as a representative of the core oil producing community, he has to ensure that capacity and technicality is built for the people to attain their rightful position in the oil/gas region.

He promised a robust, vocal and interactive representation that will leave footprints in the federal constituency.


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