The Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency (AKSEPAWMA) has issued a seven-day ultimatum to all traders displaying their wares on the roads within Uyo city centre, to relocate to the Ibom Plaza and nearby markets.

According to the Chairman of the agency, Prince Ikim, the ultimatum starts on Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019.

The affected traders are those outside the plaza, both sides of Ikot Ekpene Road including Eka and Udi Streets.

Others are University of Uyo fence along Ikot Ekpene Road and Ikpa Road, those at Aka Road, Oron Road, Abak road and Barracks road.

A statement issued by the State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Board boss stated that, after 7 days, enforcement on illegal street trading will commence and those apprehended will face the full wrath of the law.

According to the statement, the activities of the illegal traders had reached a level which the State Government could no longer condone, hence the need for a final warning.

Ikim noted that, apart from causing avoidable and needless traffic on the aforementioned areas, the traders were also in the habit of dumping their refuse on the road, thereby causing environmental and health hazards.

He pointed out that some miscreants have masqueraded as traders and carry out criminal activities while innocent and law abiding citizens are molested on daily basis in the affected areas.

The Chairman who observed that, “in as much as government is not interested in stopping people from doing their legitimate businesses, it would have no choice than to wield the big stick if traders continue to display their wares on the road for sale, thereby constituting themselves as menace to other road users”


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