By Umani Uwemedimo

I believe as a son of the soil, one would do everything to protect the heritage of of his father’s land and this, he must strive relentlessly to make sure peace, prosperity and unity is maintained, but a reverse was the case when Sen. Godswill Akpabio was governor of the State between 2007-2015.

This has raised a lot of unanswered questions in the minds of the people, but the Member representing Uyo Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Dr. Engr. Michael Enyong popularly known as Babantan, has taken the burden upon himself to state the possible reason why Akpabio had inflicted the people of the State with ill treatments throughout his 8years in office as governor.

In his interview on Planet Fm yesterday, he stated clearly that Akpabio is a thief who as Governor looted the State’s treasury and masterminded a political coup de tat against the Ibibios without an iota of regret.

“During his 8years in office as governor, thousands of our Ibibio brothers and sisters were kidnapped, assassinated and some sent on political exile, which upon his leaving office, some of those sent on exile are yet to return due to the fear of the unknown. These acts against humanity by Akpabio were all plots to put the Ibibios in the state of political insignificant, thereby making himself the lord of the place.

This Ukana lord used the purported uncommon transformation ( thievery) of his government to suck dry the State’s treasury. He is a thief that anywhere he’s seen in the State, should be held to vomit some of the monies he stole”

Reacting to the purported claims by Akpabio that he’s an ex-convict, Mike Enyong debunked the purported claims, saying Akpabio is presently suffering from frustration.

“When Sen. Akpabio defected to APC, I was the first person he called to defect alongside with him, and even promised to offer me N5.5 billion but I turned down the offer. The party called APC is a dead party, and I Babantan can never be a party to it. Akpabio is only frustrated that I refused joining him in APC. If truly I’m an ex convict, ask him why he wanted me to join him in his new dead party.

I’m still going to ask our Uncommon thief to show us a little prove of how he spent or N3.2 trillion allocated to the State between 2007-2015. I’m not talking about the internal generated revenue of about N900bn that disappeared into thin air, neither am I going to raise insinuations about the N500 billion monies for royalties. I’m laying emphasis on the monthly allocation he collected from the Federal Government’s account for 8years. If he does that, because I’m a christian, I’m going to forgive him for trying to assassinate my character”.

” You can also recall that some weeks back, Akpabio said if Udom Emmanuel should succeed in his re-election bid, he shouldn’t be buried in Ukana if he does.

I know Sen. Akpabio is one man that loves playing god, but the truth is that he’s no god. Power comes from God. This God has seen how Gov. Udom Emmanuel has painstakingly staked everything he had to endeavour peace, prosperity and unity is maintained in the State. So this same God we all worship knowing who Gov. Udom Emmanuel is, will perfect every plans for him to be returned as governor in 2019.

On the other hand, the question we should be asking ourselves is, is Akpabio truly from Akwa Ibom?

I so much believe in the opinions of family. If any member of my family should have the courage to come out and tell you I’m not a member of the family, please believe it because they know better than you do.

In 2007, Obong Isong Akpabio had blew the trumpet that Godswill Akpabio is not a legitimate member of the Akpabio’s family, that he was brought into the family by the mother who got married to the dad. I don’t want to go deeper in this, but let’s know that Akpabio said what he said because he knows he’s not from Akwa Ibom. He would want to be buried where is from, so a need to use the 2019 excuse to unveil his true origin.


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