Nigerians have expressed disappointment at the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) over the decision to suspend the nationwide industrial action without accomplishing its demands for increment in the national minimum wage.

Prior to the suspension of the strike on Sunday, Nigerians have taken to their various social media handles to express their displeasure at the decision of the labour leaders.

In their various comments, the workers describe the labour union as a disappointment, others say NLC has lost its dignity, alleging that labour leaders have been settled. “Alerts don come. Strike called off.”

“Jobless louts. You only make noise because the Government refused to settle you but now that you have received the alert no more strike.”

Another worker advised the labour union to fight against refusal to pass budget, high wage bill, and prudent application of funds among others for the betterment of the average Nigerian worker.

“The man (labour leader) is already bribed, end of story. Nigerian civil servants are worthless anyway.

“Well I hope the committee don’t sell out the Nigerian workers.”

“A sell out union. Why did they start the strike in the first place and what have they achieved now? It is a pity that STRIKE is not even working under this PMB government.”

“Disappointing move by the NLC. All they got was a meeting?”

“Very shameful! NLC is faceless, they could have told us what they have achieved since they embarked on wasted time of strike.”

“What a shame and disappointment! My exams were suspended after a paper and God knows how the school would come up with new timetable and yet NLC issues not resolved. They just took us for a ride. Nigeria is sick. NLC must share any money they would have received.”

“After achieving next to nothing. They just succeeded in granting public workers extended holidays while scuttling the private business plans of some other genuine workers.”

“The strike succeeded in destabilizing the common man’s education. What effect does it really have? How do we continue to punish innocent citizens for a crime they did not commit?”

“This is the implication Nigerians will face. Increased market value on goods. Increased Tax charges. If it covers private organizations then, increase in unemployment. Reduction in the value of naira. Why not control market value of goods?”

“It’s so sad that the NLC uses a tool that is supposed to be used sparingly to get the attention of the government frequently which is not a good sign. It makes one wonder if they have any empathy for the hardship the citizens go through.”

The national leader NLC, Ayuba Wabba, had announced the strike on Wednesday, 26th September following failure by the federal government to reconvene the tripartite committee constituted in November last year to recommend a new national minimum wage for workers in the country.

A last-ditch effort by the federal government to avert the strike ended in a stalemate on Wednesday.

The strike was however suspended to 4th October.



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