…Say Endorsement Could Have Been Carried Out By Ungodly Persons

The Patriotic Christian Youths of Nigeria on Wednesday distanced itself from the recent endorsement of a former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio, by a group of Christian Youth organisations as their senatorial candidate for the 2019 general elections.

The youths described the endorsement as an act that could only have been carried out by ungodly persons.

While warning Christians, especially youths, against unnecessarily meddling in politics, the PCYN said the endorsement of Akpabio should be the responsibility of his political party, the All Progressives Congress.

The National President of PCYN, Evangelist Timothy Nasso, told journalists in Jos, Plateau State: “We call on all Christian Youth groups to desist from dragging the name of Christian to the mud in any guise. Christianity in Nigeria and the world at large is not a political organization and so cannot in any way endorse any politician for a particular political office.

“It is ungodly for Christian youths to endorse aspirants and candidates. The group which endorsed Senator Akpabio for 2019 are faceless, on their own and unknowns us.”

According to Nasso, all Christian Youth groups in Nigeria are under the jurisdiction of the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria, adding: “To the best of our knowledge as stakeholders in YOWICAN, we have not endorsed or adopted any candidate for any political position, not even Godswill Akpabio nor his political party, the APC.

“We would have kept mute but for the unsuspecting members of the public who may be misguided, misinformed and misdirected by the  activities of such self-seeking individuals. The PCYN deemed it necessary to come on air and clarify certain positions of Christians in Nigeria for the overall benefit of the general public.

“Christianity in Nigeria and the world at large is not a political organization and so Christians cannot, in any way, endorse any politician for a particular political office.

“Senator Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, although a Christian, like any other Christian politician in his state, can only be endorsed by his political party and or political organisations which are in tune with his political ideology and not any Christian youth group.

“Any Christian Youth group which is interested in playing partisan politics should resign from bearing a Christian name, and should rather form a political group to carry out such ventures.

Christianity is salvation-based, we call on all Christians in Nigeria and beyond to participate fully in all political processes in a righteous way, taking instructions and directions from our mother organisation, the  greatest Christian Association of Nigeria.”

The PCYN demanded that the said group which endorsed Akpabio should retract it and “seek forgiveness from God Almighty for reducing Christianity to political organization, and bringing shame and disgrace to the body of Christ in Nigeria.”


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