Individuals most times neglect the very essence of their personality, while those that embrace it as a collective aspect of existence have been able to establish a bond within their community as Kyte Usen explains.

Everyone at every point in time is remembered for something, be it position held (Elected or Appointed) maybe services rendered (Personally or Officially) this is often referred to as individual’s personality.

Personality is the total psychological, intellectual, emotional and physical characteristics that make up an individual. This definition is related to how other individuals see the person. Furthermore, it is often implied that a person with regards to this total characteristics is said to have a powerful personality.

Hon. Patrick Nathan Ifon is a household both as an individual and Service Provider, Edet Edet, Publisher, iReporters in his write-up “Udo Silas, Pat Ifon: A Tale of Two Professional Excellence” has this to say about Hon. Pat Ifon.

“Ifon’s days in the Local Government as Chairman was a vigor that practically turned around the bewildered negative mindset of the people in the positive direction. Every ONNA indigene in the days Pat Ifon was Chairman, can deeply attest to or speak hearsay the romance that ensued between the masses and the office of the Chairman.”

“Pat recognized the efforts of others, acknowledged diverse opinions and accepted differences, he took responsibility and demonstrated resiliency and accountability in the archives of his managerial competency.”

Familiarity has also been said to be one of the strong points of Hon. Pat Ifon’s personality. Familiarity psychologist say induces likeness, an attestation to why most Akwa Ibom and ONNA people in general say positive things about Hon. Pat Ifon’s personality.

According to Paul Ibanga, a petty trader in Ikot Edor, ONNA “Little things as someone seen to be a big politician picking your calls, is of great value. The first time I called Hon. Pat Ifon, even when he did not have my number or know me by person, he picked and listened to what I had to say, gave me advise and gave a helping hand.”

Madam Ekaette Willy, a market woman also said that “It’s easy o to see Hon. Pat Ifon oh, I just went to him house, ask if him dey and them tell me to wait, few minutes later, them call me inside I go meet Hon.”

The list of Comments about Hon. Pat Ifon’s personality is unending but very complimentary. The take here is that it is important to note that personality is not about getting people to choose you over others, but it is about getting other people to see you and accept you as not only a friend, leader or solution provider to problems, but as one who have evoked strong emotional ties in and around your community.

Hon. Pat Ifon over time, knowingly or not, have developed a distinctive personality that through his actions or in-actions has been nailed into the minds of the people, that today can be said to have earned him respect and acceptance.


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