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It has become a norm in Akwa Ibom State for people from the opposition party to launch all manners of media attack against the numerous projects executed by the State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, and insulting the Governor in person with the sole aim of deceiving and misinforming the general public as well as incite the people in the name of politics.

Recently, a former Deputy Speaker in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Mr Uwem Udoma, had gone to Planet FM to fault the Greenwell Fertilizer Blending plant at Oku Abak in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, to say that the factory does not blend fertilizer but only re-bags it.

In what he termed media propaganda by the Udom-led administration to deceive the world, he spoke with false authority that the Governor has not established any fertilizer plant in Oku Abak where he claimed to be community his community, adding that what they have set up there are two funnels to re-bag fertilizer, and not producing any fertilizer, but rather bring fertilizer there to re-bag.

Greenwell Fertilizer Blending Plant
Product storage at the factory

Another APC-sponsored media scavenger, David Augustine Okechukwu, a lawyer, made a post on Wednesday, 4th July, 2018 claiming that the Fertilizer Blending Plant was nothing more than a bagging site that has no blending machine and is nonoperational.

David Augustine had invaded the factory in the early hours of Tuesday with a sitting High Court Judge in Abak, Ini Udobong, without recourse to the due process of notifying the management, when they were denied access, they molested the security guards and barged into the premises.

When the management ordered the premises where the equipment are kept be locked, David Augustine had to start snapping the outside and run to press that the place had no machine and is non-operational.

It is a clear fact that all the people putting up falsehood, insulting the Governor and attacking the developmental strides of the Governor don’t even know what it takes to site an industry. The main goal of the industrialisation agenda of Gov Emmanuel is to create employment as it is enshrined in his 5-point agenda.

These lies are not believable, especially as the community and several other people who have visited the factory are aware that the factory is producing and some of their indigenes are actually working there. The majority of them don’t even know the components of fertilizer allowed into the country and of such, it becomes pertinent to educate them because they don’t understand the technology of fertilizer.

If any individual, by virtue of political alignment, said that what the Fertilizer Blending Factory does is packaging, they need to define what is meant by packaging. Without defining that, they all fall into that perception of ignorance. All manufacturing factories end up in packaging.

At the Greenwell Fertilizer Blending factory, four main materials are blended together including urea to produce fertilizer for farmers based on their soil types and the type of crops they wish to grow. The process of blending is completely different from the process of making urea.

Greenwell Technology, fertilizer blending plant
Raw materials used to blend for fertilizer

After calculation, raw materials are loaded into the blending storage for compression. After compressing, it is transferred to the blender for blending, then transferred to the product storage and thereafter dispensed into bags, sewn and taken for storage. The key thing is to ensure that the components are absolutely correct. Each of the processes used in the raw materials is a process itself.

Scheme of blending system
Raw materials A, B, C, and D come in individually not in bulk. These micronutrients, depending on the product like Cocoa which needs Boron, Manganese and other ingredients because of the type of seed it produces. They are put into the Skip Loader also known as Front End Loader and blended for amount four minutes, transferred to the conveyor called Product Hopper, and then bagged and sewn.

Greenwell Technology, fertilizer blending plant
Raw materials being conveyed to the storage

The NPK formula used in the factory is the simplest explanation of the mode of operation.
N – Nitrogen which aides the green leaves of crops. It is used for growth in the root, flowers and fighting diseases.
P – Phosphorus traditionally called P2O5 strengthens products with hanging fruits to ensure the fruits do not drop.
K – Potash, redefined.

The fertilizer product types
NPK: 15:15:15 – General purpose – Vegetables, Pumpkin, etc
NPK: 20:10:10 – Corn, Wheat, Okra, Rice, etc
NPK: 12:12:17+2MgO – Palm fruits, Fruit trees, etc

Greenwell Fertilizer Blending plant, when in full production, produces 14 truck-load of fertilizers making 600 bags within 9 days. The machine blends 6 tons, 120 bags in every 45 minute.

Nutrients have different segments. Some crops need Zinc, Boron, Manganese and others to be combined. So people like Uwem Umana and David Augistine Okechukwu who do not understand the technology will definitely be lost.

Greenwell Technology, fertilizer blending plant
The raw materials are transferred to the blender

The Managing Director of Greenwell Technologies, Engr. Johny Udoh, a Chemical Engineer who has worked for one of the toughest companies in the world for over 35 years as an Executive Director, while taking a group of journalists in the state round the processes involved in blending fertilizer, noted that he enjoys the encouragement given by the state Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel.

He stressed that the property was abandoned and grasses overgrown, and that the State Government leased it to them, where Akwa Ibom citizens are employed and trained on fertilizer production. So why not give the Governor the credit however little it is for providing the enabling environment to operate upon?

Engr. Udoh further disclosed that the state was not in the map during their visibility study of the factory when he brought Robert Chardler who has six manufacturing plants in the United States of America into Nigeria to help the people get job, but was to be built in Rivers, Kaduna and Osun States, adding that he took personal decision as an Akwa Ibomite for this factory to be sited in the state.

Bagging process

The interesting fact is that in less than one of year since inception, the Federal Government has approved Greenwell Fertilizer Blending Plant to produce fertilizers for all the 36 states of the federation, and in less than a week, production will start to that effect.

People are criticising the Governor simple because they are from a different political party, but the question is how many industries do we have in the state? We should be encouraging people to come and invest in the state rather than writing things that will eventually scare investors away, because what all this seems is that Akwa Ibom is not the best place to invest, which is not true. Akwa Ibom of today is the best state to invest in Nigeria.


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