The comments by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Senate Matters, Senator Ita Enang, attributing developmental strides recorded in Akwa Ibom State to his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari, has triggered reactions from concerned citizens of the state.

Sen Enang, during an interview on a radio programme, recently stated that it is President Buhari’s money that has made the Akwa Ibom State Government to succeed, adding that all the monies Governor Udom Emmanuel is using to construct all the roads, and the new syringe industry were from the federal government, and that none comes from the Internally Generated Revenue of the state.

His statement angered citizens of the state who took to their various social media handles to air their views and to enlighten the President’s National Assembly liaison officer whom they believe knows little or nothing about the state.

Below are what they have to say…

Mbuotidem Eton
Thanks sir for your contribution, but let me put it to you that Buhari doesn’t give Akwa Ibom State any money for development. The money used in the development of the state is tax payers allocation to the state not Buhari’s money.

Emy Nkubre
The senator believes we Akwa Ibomites are fools, even if most of us may not be in their cabal at least we are quite aware of what is going on in the federal and state levels.

Jack Etteh
This is misleading and funny of Sen. Ita Enang. How could he attribute Gov. Udom’s success to PMB’s money when everyone knows that PMB doesn’t own up to N50m in his bank accounts?

Uduak Idio
I’m happy my Senator has accepted that there is development in Akwa Ibom State. To God be the glory!

Aniekan Umana
Buhari does not own money. It’s tax payers money. Besides the allocation given to Akwa Ibom State by the Federal Government is the money they have extracted from our resources. I don’t know if we are practicing true federalism. Because one of the principles of federalism is that “Each state can develope at its own space using her own economy but in the case of Nigeria, the reverse is the case. The federal government is the one that controls the economy of your state and later gives you allocation.

Matthew Okoye
Akwa Ibom State is unjustly cheated because what the SSA said is Buhari’s money is 100% Akwa Ibom State resources. Why will the federal Government use oil proceeds from the South South and be feeding the nation and someone is here telling you that Udom is using PMB money to develop Akwa Ibom? If these resources were to come from the Northern part of the country, do you think the Northerners will allow you to take a drop of oil from their zone for national interest? You can’t grant financial autonomy to States, LGAs, Judiciaries and House of Assemblies and still be the one granting monthly allocations to States. I hold nothing against Buhari. I was his die-hard supporter before the 2015 election but if the truth must be told, there is hunger in the land and the people are suffering. He might not be corrupt but most of the appointees around him are corrupt officials and it’s still same old practice.

Owodinyene Jones
I’m glad you appreciate Udom’s achievement as APC member. I want you to understand that the money sent to Akwa lbom State, isn’t Buhari’s money. It’s the tax money, with the state entitled for. Buhari isn’t doing the state any favour.

Ubong Ekanem
My Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel, congrats for the mouth that talks good about you today. May God of heaven never allow them to turn their mouths to talk evil about you tomorrow in Jesus Christ name Amen.

Anietie John
The truth is that Akwa Ibom State contributes roughly 30% to the national budget. So the entire country is largely funded by Akwa Ibom State’s money.

John Ben
This is another careless statement from a selfish and stomach-care politician.

Thompson Jonny
Is the money given to Akwa Ibom State differ from what the Federal Government gives to other States? Ita Enang was a man I really loved but since he became a political prostitute, I seem not to understand him any longer.

Peter Edet
What an ignorant statement! What do these politicians take us for?Fools like them or idiots. Remember you are dealing with folks from a region where at least have secondary education to understand how government works. Buhari does not have money to give, he gives what is expected of him to give under constitutional arrangement. Saying he is doing the work is doing with Buhari’s money makes you a stupid man. Under the constitution, all states will get allocation from the federal government due to the system of government we operate. Please those that are closer to this kind of politicians should tell them to always cross check what they want to say before they come public.

Unyime Edet
Busari’s Money? Sycophancy taken too far.

Ndiana Ituen
Is Ita Enang well or is he seeing double? I believe this Ita Enang is sick upstairs and he needs to be re-examined. It seems he is mentally sick. I saw him some weeks back at Skye Bank along Nwaniba Road, I didn’t believe my eyes that it was Ita Enang, a Senior Special Assistant to the President, looking dirty, unkept, with old model cars. I was shocked to the marrow, he needs help spiritually.


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