There are substantial feelings of dread in the Presidential Amnesty Office Abuja, following some anomalies discovered on Tuesday in past arrangement of representatives for educational projects at universities in the country.

Special Assistant to the Cordinator, Presidential Amnesty Program, Prof. Charles Dokubo, in an announcement said the disclosure took after a check practice requested by the Coordinator on presumption of office.

Ganagana said that a panel set up to find out the quantity of recipients of the pardon program until now sent to colleges coastal for different instructive projects, found that a disturbing figure of understudies selected in colleges under the program were not caught in the information base.

“Against the scenery of tremendous educational cost charges sent to the workplace for installment by a few colleges in the nation for assumed recipients conveyed to the foundations for consider, Prof. Dokubo constituted a board headed by the Head of Reintegration, pardon office, Chief Aroloyeteim Brown, to check recipients of the reprieve program in neighborhood varsities.

“The board of trustees was among others, commanded to learn confirmation procedure of the understudies into the different organizations and whether the understudies are recipients of the reprieve program, and, if not, who was in charge of their affirmation or arrangement.”

As per him, the workplace is additionally testing the dissimilarity in educational cost expenses for understudies conveyed by the workplace and others experiencing same projects at the foundations.

He said this was to determine if there had been insider cooperation to cushion the charges for financial interests.

“The council which is adjusting off its task, has be that as it may, revealed expansive scale misrepresentation in past organization of agents not caught in the information base of recipients of the reprieve program to different colleges inside the nation.

“Checks demonstrated that while another college as of late sent a rundown of 62 pre-degree understudies to the workplace for installment of educational costs charges the advisory group found that exclusive 14 of them were caught in the information base of recipients of the program.

“What’s more, 34 out of 201 first year understudies at another new college in the Southeastern piece of the nation were additionally cleared as recipients in the reprieve database,” he said.

Ganagana additionally said that the names of 200 first year understudies out of a sum of 290 sent to the workplace for installment of educational cost expenses by three colleges in the South-south couldn’t be checked on the information base of recipients.

“Just 90 understudies from the three foundations were checked.

“The Coordinator, Amnesty Program, Prof. Charles Dokubo is profoundly worried over this advancement, particularly the predicament of the influenced understudies and is investigating measures to address the circumstance,” he included.


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