The Akwa Ibom State government has intensified its commitment to ensuring that the state capital is completely deflooded with quality delivery of road infrastructure, expressing confidence that roads built under the supervision of this present administration are built to specification.

Inspecting the flood evacuation project along the service Lane by Edet Akpan Avenue, a double cell culvert to deflood Ewet Housing Extension and the adjourning streets, the 6.1Km Atan Offot Road, the 19.5 Uyo – Etinan Road, including the 25km Uyo – Ikot Ekpene road, as well as, 3.5km Ring road 2, Tuesday, the Akwa Ibom State Honourable Commissioner for Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen, confirmed that, the duration of these projects will last beyond twenty five years.

While visiting the 3.5km Ring road 2 to inspect the progress of work along this road, which comes directly from Aka Junction and cut across Information Drive, and then, across Atan Offot, and opened into Abak road, Commissioner Inyangeyen expressed satisfaction over the pace of work done by the construction firm, handling the project, as there was massive drainage work going on on that road.

He however, instructed the contractors handling the project to concentrate on building drainages on both sides of the road, emphatically drawing their attention to the important of ensuring that the drainages on Ring road 2 flows concurrently, in such a way, that will help collect, channel and discharge water into the yet to be constructed outfall drain that will also take care of flood from IBB Way and the immediate environs, advising them to follow the drawn plan.

His next point of call was at the Atan Offot road, where he (the Commissioner) and his team actually drove through road A, which is already completed with the aim of inspecting all the road network within that axis. Reaching there, the Honourable Commissioner, commended the construction firm handling the project, saying that, Atan Offot road was claimed to have been abandoned by Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration.

“The Atan Offot road was claimed to have been abandoned by Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, petitions were written, you can see work is ongoing, I am very confidence that, by the end of December, Road A, which is almost completed, and road B, which is near completion would have been fully completed”, Inyangeyen assured.

Earlier that day, the Works Commissioner expressed fear over what he said, he discover, while inspecting a double cell culvert at Ewet Housing Extension. According to him; “what we discovered here is that the discharge point is higher than what was done in Edet Akpan Avenue, so we are looking at the way to amend that, so that water can flow out of that extension into the big drainage at Edet Akpan Avenue”, Commissioner Inyangeyen explained.

Works’ Commissioner, who told contractors at the Uyo – Etinan and Uyo – Ikot Ekpene road respectively that, his Ministry is putting it to them on notice that he and his team would be coming at any point in time to ascertain the level of work done on these roads, also said that, he always go around to look at the most minute thing that is not in order, and that, in discovering such, he will always make sure that, things are done according to specification. “That is why I have the audacity to confront persons, when they do inferior jobs”, Commissioner Inyangeyen said.

Meanwhile, in all the road projects supervised by the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen and members of his team, work was going on maximally, and in fact, the volume of construction machines that were on these roads, are proves that work on these roads is at maximal level.


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