…Famous Kidnap Kingpin Fingered In Cash Diversion.

…Group Calls On Gov. Udom Emmanuel To Beef Up Security As 2019 Election Draws Near!

Akwa Ibom youths who have been waiting to get their annual N15 million Christmas package from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) may be waiting till eternity as the MD of the commission Mr. Nsima Ekere is not willing to release the money close to 8 months after it was approved.

Our reliable source gathered exclusively that Rivers, Cross River, Abia, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Imo, and Ondo States had long received their 2016 Christmas Packages of N15 million as approved by the Commission since the first and second quarter of this year.

A senior staff of the NDDC in Port Harcourt confided in our Rivers state Bureau Chief that if the youths of Akwa Ibom State are yet to receive their 2016 Christmas package of the statutory N15 million, then it means that they may not get it again.

The senior staff said That money has become a traditional practice.

The APC government didn’t institute that practice. Right from the days of Abia as NDDC boss, it was the norm.

What happens is, the money will be passed through the youth leaders in the state with the close supervision of the state government and the money will be spread across the youths in all the local governments in that particular state.

“Honestly, I am shocked to learn that youths of Akwa Ibom state which is even the home state of the NDDC MD are yet to collect.

It is either the money is still with Oga MD or it has entered what we popularly refer to as voicemail”,Our source concluded.

Further checks by our source revealed that the missing N15million naira is already causing some disaffection within the ranks of some youths in Akwa Ibom state including youths within the fold of the APC.

One of the youth leader from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District in an interview with our Bureau Chief in PortHarcourt said he has always been a beneficiary of the Christmas Package for several years now, admitting that the 2016 package from the NDDC is yet to be received 8 months after Christmas.

It has become a norm, at festive periods, for the Commission to dole out these packages to youths across the 9 states of the Niger Delta.

Youths in the 3 Senatorial Districts have been receiving it year in year out.

When Mr. Ekere came on board, he promised to add N16million so it could go round N1million per Local Government Area in the state, but this promise was never fulfilled.

This is the first time ever that Akwa Ibom youths have not benefitted from NDDC Christmas largesse because when Ekere became NDDC MD he has cordoned off youths from accessing both financial and employment opportunities

But a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress in Akwa Ibom pleaded not to be named in this report but who is already feeling the heat from the youths revealed that his inquiry into the whereabouts of the Christmas Package has shown that the Mr Ekere admitted to have given the money to his PA on Security, Mr. Nathaniel Uyo, who has refused to release the money since December last year till date.

Mr. Uyio Nathaniel- SA to NDDC MD on Security, a notorious Kidnapper king pin.

Who was once arrested and jailed.

“Is this the kind of person(s)Nsima Ekere is keeping around and wishes to be a governor in 2019”?,the chieftain exclaimed.

He wondered how the same person, who was selling off property late last year, is suddenly building a luxury hotel in his home town, Ikot Ekpene.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated news, we also gathered that at the Commission, Mr. Ekere is engaged in tug of war with other directors, who are opposed to his pattern of administration.

They accuse the MD, Mr. Ekere of profiteering from contracts meant to develop the region.

Mr. Nsima Ekere is influencing award of road contracts to pseudo companies which are owned by his associates.

For instance, one of the phony companies is called ANIEL Contractors Limited.

This company like several others recommended by the MD, did not pass through due process yet was awarded road contracts.

As at today, the Commission is under siege and cannot move forward because Mr. Nsima is distracted by his governorship ambition and is creating walls of divisions among staff.

He works mainly with his political appointees, leaving behind experienced professionals with several years of experience on the job.

I wish the Presidency should point a search light on NDDC now to verify these claims, the source stated.

A prominent APC Chieftain whose identity he prayed for anonymity called on Gov. Udom Emmanuel to step up security of the state as the political atmosphere closes in and to place Nathaniel Uyo on a 24/7 security vigilance, adding that his employ to work as security aide to Nsima Ekere revolves around his antecedent of deploying criminal antics aimed at making the State ungovernable during the electioneering campaigns.

SOURCE: Security Concern Youths For Peaceful Restoration and Resolution in the Niger Delta!


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