…Tasks Them On Political Inclusion

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, has inaugurated the newly constituted Local Government Transition Committees for 30 Local Government Areas of the state, with a charge on them to run inclusive governments.

The inauguration of a Transition Committee for Itu was suspended till further notice.

The Governor, while addressing the newly sworn-in chairmen at the Government House Banquet Hall on Tuesday, tasked them to embrace unity in their respective local governments, see themselves as stakeholders and take everyone as partners in progress, saying “For you to be there does not mean that you are better than every other person. Paul the Apostle said, whatsoever you think you are is by the grace. There are people who could have been here today, probably we don’t know where they are.

“Some of you who have been here for a while, don’t see yourselves as landlords. Don’t see yourselves as the owner of the local government. Everybody is a stakeholder. So let’s behave as we are all stakeholders. And it is just a short social contract that remains an abiding attitude of faith in all of us.”

A cross section of the newly inaugurated chairmen

Governor Emmanuel noted that it is during challenging times like this that you get to know who true leaders are. “Some of you have done so well and some have rooms for improvement. It is better said than done as a transition chairman that you will not allow personal interests to conflict official matters. I’m not swearing you in to start campaigning. We are swearing you in as transition chairmen. Don’t use your office to cause disaffection because of your personal interests.

“There are some local government areas that don’t give room for peace to reign – security, social issues and troubles every now and then. Please let the transition chairmen see themselves as that unifying force.”

The state executive officer charged the caretaker committee chairmen not to take themselves more important than the people of their respective local governments. “For you to be a wise man, you have to first of all assume to be a fool. It doesn’t mean you are a fool, you are only assuming. Always in your life be more than who people think you are; but never in your life be more than you really are. If I had wanted people to apply, there is no how we would not have gotten more than 200,000 applications from each local government. See your appointments as opportunity to serve.

“Jesus Christ, when He wanted to feed the 5000 men, did not tell His disciples to eat first, but told them feed the flocks first. It was what was remaining that went to the disciples. The Bible did not state it whether their own had to be much or not. First of all look at the interest of the people you are serving because they are the people you are standing today to represent. And do not allow anybody’s influence to affect your work. You are the major drivers of the ongoing voters and national identity registration exercises.

“On behalf of the entire people of Akwa Ibom State, and the government, I say congratulations to all of you and I expect a lot from you. I receive some reports, while some are giving excuses, others are doing well. There are some that even the local government headquarters are overgrown with grass. There are also some who take it as their responsibilities to keep the environments clean. It doesn’t cost that much. I don’t need to call you to get certain things done. Make good use of the monthly environmental sanitation exercises to keep your environments clean.

“Your passion for leadership should portray unity. Don’t damn people. Every human being is important. Some of you will just feel as if you are King Kong. See your people as partners in progress. Don’t feel as if you are one in all.”

Many committee members who served previously were returned, but a new committee was constituted to for Ukanafun.

It will be recalled that last week the House of assembly had given the legal backing to the caretaker committees by amending the extant laws of the land to reflect the new reality.

The care taker committees will serve till elections are conducted in November and are expected to handover to a democratically elected government.


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