The words by the alleged suspended Secretary to the Government of the Federal, Mr. Babachir Lawal, ring truth in a nation currently gliding on autopilot. And it is indeed instructive that it’s a key member of the cabal and notorious troika in command that is asking the question – “WHO IS THE PRESIDENCY?”

Babachir Lawal asked this when faced by state house correspondents following his alleged suspension and it is a good question. In a nation in which there is intense confusion over who really is in command, the sudden alleged suspension of Babachir Lawal is another piece in the convoluted jigsaw of disarray of the current regime. And Babachir is right to ask this question – Who really is in charge?

The same “Presidency” that cleared Babachir Lawal of all wrong doing in the farcical grass cutting multi million dollar scandal involving Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camp Sanitation, has suddenly woken up to suspend him without clarification.

Has a new investigation been conducted whose findings have finally named Babachir Lawal as a culpable suspect? Or was the first report doctored by the “Presidency” to shield one of their own from possible indictment? Or has Babachir Lawal fallen out with his principal as the cracks in the “Presidency” widen in the midst of the power struggle over Magu the acting EFCC chair?

This lack of coherence and culpable economy of truth is the bane of a regime whose EFCC storms the premises of a fellow sister agency, National Intelligence Agency (NIA) without a preliminary investigation or surveillance.

As the questions over the huge cache of dollars discovered in the Ikoyi Apartment blocks in Lagos gathers steam, it is only a dishonest person who seeks to conceal the truth in the name of “National Security.”

This is indeed history repeating itself for in the name of national security, Ismaila Gwarzo, the erstwhile National Security Agency Director under Sani Abacha in 1996 moved billions of dollars out of the country. Till date, not even half of the looted funds have been repatriated 21 years later.

And with the ghostly silence of Buhari over the matter and his continued absence from public view, one must ask “Who is the Presidency?” Is it an individual, a cabal or an office run on autopilot?

Renewed killings in Southern Kaduna by Fulani Herdsmen have been widely reported in the media this week yet the “Presidency” remains silent. Who truly owns the $43 million dollar Ikoyi loot? The “Presidency” remains silent.

The whole world sees and knows President Trump is the “Presidency” of the United States. His visibility and verbosity is beyond comparison. His tweets are followed by millions across the world. Compare and contrast this clarity of leadership with Nigeria whose First lady claims the “Presidency” is run by a cabal or a Presidency of divergent egos that sends Magu’s name for confirmation as EFCC Chairman but also sends the rope via the DSS security report for him to be hung by the Senate.

And again the question of “Who is the Presidency?” remains unanswered when the World Press report only on suspension of the NIA Director-General but conspicuous leave out the SGF. When a President rules from behind an iron curtain amidst speculations concerning his health even his own appointees start asking “Who is he? A leader, an idea, a ghost, a stooge or a puppet?

Hence today the question is “who is the Presidency”. Tomorrow it might be where or what is the Presidency? What a sorry state of affairs in the sleeping giant of Africa. Only prayers now can save Nigerian from this Mid summer’s Shakespearean Dream


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