Following Supreme Court verdict on Wednesday upholding the election of Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as the duly elected governor of Akwa Ibom State, thousands of All Progressive Congress (APC) members have continued to openly disassociate themselves from the party across the state.

Parting ways with the lousy APC, the supporters displayed their denouncement of affiliation with the failed party, set fire on its symbol; the broom declaring total support for the PDP.

At Ibom Plaza yesterday, it was a theatre of sort as the former broom carriers numbering over one thousand were seen conducting a lying-in-state ceremony for the APC and as well dumped all the brooms inside the coffin and set fire on it.

The same scenario was obtainable in Onna, Mbo, Ikot Ekpene, Eket, Abak, Etinan and other local government areas of the state as the former APC members were seen burning their brooms and chanting solidarity song for the Governor as he embarked on street walk acknowledging the support of the people.

broomGovernor Emmanuel who acknowledged the defection while addressing Akwa Ibom people during the carnival float around the state yesterday said that the same people he saw holding dirty brooms in the Ibom Plaza earlier the previous day, where the first set of people that burnt the brooms to come and celebrate his victory at government house.

Meanwhile, some of the APC supporters who confessed that they were moved by the cash-rain splashed by the APC gubernatorial candidate Obong Umana Okon Umana have since issued their unreserved apologies and asked to be forgiven and reabsorbed into scheme of things in the state.

Popular among some of the early decampees that summoned enough courage to plead for forgiveness include Mr. Aniekan Udosen, the CEO of A to Z TV Galaxies who dumped Umana immediately after the court judgement and pleaded to be carried along by the government of Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

must have wronged all of you individually in the process of expressing my political views, I respectfully request for forgiveness. I can remember that immediately after the swearing in of His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Johnathan, His Excellency, Dr Godswill Akpabio went on air and openly requested the president then to forgive him and other Nigerians who must have wronged him, it is the same or more than that forgiveness I request from Your Excellencies. I am very much at peace with my conscience that, I expressed my political views openly whereas there are others who were disloyal members of the council.

Since Deacon Udom Emmanuel is now the confirmed governor of Akwa Ibom State, I wish to openly in my usual manner of doing things pledge my support to his government. With or without my support the governor can succeed but with my support he can succeed better. I request Akwa Ibom people to support the government of Deacon Udom Emmanuel because we can only have one governor at a time.

Also, another APC stalwart, Anietie Bassey was among some of the early decampees that parted ways with Umana Umana after the announcement of the Supreme Court judgement.

He called on other APC members saying, “I ask all of you to join me in working as hard for Udom Emmanuel as you have for Obong Umana whose mission and vision we shared and admired. We have been in campaign together. We can remain in the new campaign again with Udom Emmanuel for a New Akwa Ibom.”

In a swift reaction to the beehive of defections currently hitting the APC camp in the state, some PDP chieftains have issued strong warning to most of the political harlots jumping from one party to the other in search for greener pastures.

They maintained that the decampees should continue to pursue their popular stomach infrastructure which pushed them to the APC and allow the government to focus on developing the state than coming back to constitute nuisance value in the party.

“They must stay in their party and constitute a healthy opposition in order to help build a strong democracy in our state. We should discourage this culture of running around for selfish gains at the expense of principles and sound moral rectitude,” a PDP elder stated in Ikot Ekpene.


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