By Emmanuel Nicholas

The Akwa Ibom State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC ) never seize to amaze me. They make so much noise over nothing. The recent being what they call the gale of defection. What could be more funny than exhuming dead politicians in the state and celebrating it as if they hit a jackpot. It is very ridiculous.

Celebrating the like of Honourable Eseme Eyiboh, Senator Aloysius Etok, Mr Ignatius Edet and Chief Otu Ita Toyo makes my ancestors to mock these tandem to scorn. Let me proffer a little analyses.

Honourable Eseme Eyiboh was rejected by his people due to his slippery political behaviour. A very smart and intelligent guy but he never keeps to any of his words. He acts as a trickster and his second term ambition was marred with frustration as the electorates rejected him and he was openly booed during the nomination exercise. The people went for a more sincere and less complicated Barr Bassey Dan Abia Jnr

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) cancelled the nominations to give way for Eseme Eyiboh to win but he got only four votes. He came around again in 2015 but it was more calamitous as Eseme Eyiboh only got one vote which was own vote. Eseme knows the game is beyond looking good with grey hairs and speaking good English on television. The bar has been raised. When the people find out you are not reporting progress, you will be retrieved like an unregistered sim card.

Eseme Eyiboh is one politician that cannot get one vote from his polling unit apart from the his self-vote. Its beyond me what exactly the Akwa Ibom APC are celebrating-an expired politician like Eyiboh that been rejected by the people of Eket Federal constituency thrice?

Let me share a little secret why you will find Eseme with a broom. The Esit Eket man was last seen in Akwa Ibom State when he came to lobby the Government of His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel to sponsor a quarterly magazine, which was not given much hearing because the government was too young to start image laundry with such huge budget. Eseme in all good conscience cannot deny this. Eseme Eyiboh out of frustration was seen in one the offices of a high ranking person appealing for support to get a ticket back to Abuja, which the person did help. It can happen to anybody. Will such a politician win a vote for APC apart from joining the loquacious gang of noise makers on radio with Ita Awak, Ita Tokyo and Ita Enang as board of trustee members?

Senator Aloysius Etok is another politician without any current electoral value. Good guy in his days. Very successful politician. His problem is selfishness and greed. Etok was led into Senatorial victory by sympathy for zoning and equity. He enjoyed a shot at the senate twice because the governorship slot had to go the other way in the district. Former Governor Akpabio had to literally stop other candidates from contesting for the seat. We all know the story. But Etok will contest for a third term. The odds were stacked against him. Since then he has been AWOL, romancing with any force that is anti-Akpabio. Joining APC now is mere formality. Like my friend, Uwem Umanah agrees, every pundit who has a fair knowledge of he political undercurrents in this state and country know vividly that Senator Etok has been in APC before the 2015 general elections, due to his inability to make it to the senate the third time and the seemingly personality conflict with former governor Akpabio.

So if Senator Etok finally made up his mind to formalize his hitherto clandestine relationship with his co-travelers by decamping to APC while the PDP retains the House of Assembly member, House of Reps member and a teeming youth support base, what difference does it make? Pluralism is an intrinsic part of democracy. So if Senator Etok, of the over 40,000 registered voters in Ikono has decamped, it’s no breaking news.
I wish the senator well in his new found relationship with the “Ichabod” of Akwa Ibom state.

It is an unassailable fact that in 2007, Hon Saviour Udo won the nomination of the PDP to represent Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District and he was implored by Governor Akpabio to allow his Ikono –Ini Ibibio brothers to have a share of governance. Aloysius came 4th in the contest and was given the certificate of return by the PDP to run in the general election for fair Play and equity.

The elders of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district were led down as Sen Aloysius Etok did not put the money he accumulated for constituency projects to use, which amounted to six billion naira in his first four years and neither did he organised any constituency briefing for constituents to be cognizant with the programmes of the federal government that will benefits them.

The Senator according to his constituents has not attracted any federal project to the area, instead he is always sleeping in the Senate pavilion waiting for largesse to collect and vote for ungodly bills and motions. The people also accused him of being fond of coming home to fight for menial jobs that is meant to empower the youths and women. He once insulted the Royal fathers who called on him in his residence, asking him to that was trusted to him out of pity and love for equity in power sharing. The brutish and spiteful Senator walked out of the three Royal fathers from Ini, Ikono and Ikot Ekpene out of his house barking at them as if they were burglars. What a sacrilege?

As it would be expected in sane societies, the war began against him when he wanted to re-contest for the second term. When senator Aloy realised that he had met his water loo politically in 2011, guess who he ran to? Governor Akpabio! the governor personally went begging all the stake holders to allow him to continue as the standard-bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, the process caused the governor a lot financial resources and shame as no one was ready to adhere to the plea due to the senator’s woeful performance in his first term in the red chambers of the Nigerian legislature.

At one of the venues during the campaigns, a youth leader who was given opportunity to address the crowd , asked the executives of the PDP to tell Senator Aloysius Etok to show his constituents one project he has built from his constituency funds. He should also show the projects he had attracted to the area from the Federal government and the elders should ask him whether he has ever called for constituency briefing. When the shame was unbearable by the Party faithful, the youth leader was begged to leave the podium .

Since he was selected as a senator, Mr Aloysius has done nothing than send five members of Ukpabio’s family to their early graves. As alleged by Evangelist Helen Ukpabio who openly accused him, an accusation Aloysius himself have
Senator Aloysius Etok will made history as the first Senator from Akwa Ibom that his community sort for recall back home, the stakeholders of the senatorial district, comprises of Family heads, Village heads, Clan Heads , Paramount rulers, Councillors, Council Chairmen, House of Assembly members, House of Representatives, Elders, Former elected and appointed political members , Commissioners, Party Chairmen of the district, party Executives from the ward to the local government, State party officers and all other Political stakeholders were resolute in the recall bid.

Of what use will Senator Aloysius Etok be to the Akwa Ibom State All Progressive (APC ) -an expired politician of no electoral value. His last place of woe was when he naïvely went to contest as Chairman of the Akwa Ibom Football Association. He failed woefully and scandalously.

Enter Engr Ignatius Edet, another funny guy. He has neither followership nor has any known family member that can vote for him. Engr Edet booted out from as the Speaker house of Assembly over his fraudulent manners in handling funds that was meant for all the members.
And Engr Edet was also rejected by the people of Ibiono when he wanted to return back to house of Assembly, from thence he kept descending to political abyss, at a time he was a board chairman and in his political dying moments a non-functional commissioner. He has no followership because of his voracity and brutish nature the masses know him for his bulling tendencies. He almost plunged government into trouble when he ruthlessly brought down people’s houses in Uyo as UCCDA chairman. A smart fellow, many see his sojourn to the APC as a revenge mission as he sees Umana Okon Umana as one of the men who contributed to his political woes. The last has not been heard.

Do we need to talk about Ita Toyo? Chief Otu Ita Toyo’s political redundancy is caused by his tortoise politicking since he was the party chairman, it has been several alleged that he defrauded many political office seekers and looted millions of naira from them. His wavy financial behaviour made the whole political class to reject and abandon him to self-illusion.

So for APC to find solace in such deceitful character, like Toyo paints a clear picture of what would have become of his supposed government, God forbid. The people of the state are awake to realism that Obong Okon Umana’s aggressive bid for power is not to the advantage of the masses but is for the purpose of trying to deceive them and get to power by crook and cons, turning around and amassing more wealth to his loot.

Chief Ita Toyo cannot attract one vote from his community not to talk about winning his unit as his deception has made both the youth and women of his immediate community to see as a dubious person who will always come to deceive them for votes and never give back to the community. Chief Asuquo Effiong openly in Oron Stadium described him as politician who is self-centred and will always want all for himself and never for the people. Chief Asuquo urged the entire Oro nation not to listen to insensitive venoms.

There is no need to lose sleep over these defections. Of course it is not possible that everyone belongs to one party. Akwa Ibom state is PDP and no alien forces will wrestle it from the hands of the people.

No one is greater than God!


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