Pupils of Ronik International School, Ile Epo, Ejigbo, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, shared some exciting moments with popular Nollywood actor, Hafiz Oyetoro, known as Saka, during the school’s Career Day,  one of  the  activities lined up to mark the end of the school session.

The actor was not only invited by the school authorities to have fun with the pupils but to also talk to them about career planning and future expectations, using the Nigerian entertainment Industry as a case study.

Nigerian actor, Hafiz Oyetoro, giving a career talk to pupils of Ronik International School, Lagos
Nigerian actor, Hafiz Oyetoro, giving a career talk to pupils of Ronik International School, Lagos

The career talk, according to the school,is organised to start preparing and guiding the kids towards their future careers.

During the career talk the youngsters were informed about the different career paths they can take and the challenges they will face in order to be successful.

Before  choosing a career, they were aadvised to first understand the kind of persons they are, what interest them, the careers that will suit their personality types and discover  their talents, among others

The actor told the kids that they are in school to discover and  nurture their talents as well as  learn new skills which will be useful to them when they become adults.

He, therefore, advised them to take their studies serious, pay attention in class and ask questions from their teachers and parents about things they don’t know to be able to make informed decisions about their careers. The actor also  highlighted the required ingredients for success like being focus, hardwork, good characters,etc.

Advising the pupils that there is no career that does has its challenges, the actor recounted his past experience as a young entertainer, which was the period  Nollywood actors were referred to as school dropouts and called derogatory names like jester, osere and no-future group. But he said that with determination and continuous training, he and his colleagues in the industry proved their critics wrong by excelling in their chosen careers.

He said the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, is currently rated the second largest film producer in the world because they didn’t give up on their dreams.

Aside the career talk, the pupils were also entertained by the actor who were thrilled that he  came to celebrate with them .


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