Residents and workers around the ever-busy ACME Road at Agidingbin, Ogba, Ikeja  have been asking questions about what pushed a dark in complexion middle age man to stab himself repeatedly with a broken bottle till he died Wednesday night.

Some people who claimed to witness the incident when it happened, said the deceased came from nowhere around 8pm on Wednesday and took a bottle of soft drink from a young lady selling drinks, broke it and used it to stab himself to death.

Narrating what transpired, an eyewitness who craved anonymity said: “I do not know the exact time it happened, but it was around 8 o’clock last night. Those who were outside around that time said the young man came to where a lady was selling soft drinks opposite Boulous and took one of the bottles on the ground, broke it and stabbed himself to death.

“That was when people started shouting and calling people to come to his rescue. But we could not rescue him because his intestines were already out.”

It was gathered that an ambulance came to the spot last night but did not take the corpse, claiming it was not their job to do so.

As at the time of writing report, traders who sell on ACME road have deserted the area to avoid being harassed or arrested by policemen while the corpse was still lying dead on the spot.


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